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ACR300 Bus Validator

ACR300 Bus Validator is designed specifically for use in Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems for public transport. The ACR300 Bus Validator supports all smart cards compliant to ISO14443 Type A & B, MIFARE® Classic. ...
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ACR89U-A1 Handheld Smart Card Reader

ACR89 is the latest addition to ACS’s strong line of Smart Card Readers with PIN-Pad.  An upgrade of the ACR88 PIN-Pad Reader, it offers better performance, longer battery life and low energy consumption at a relatively lo...
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ACR33U-A1 SmartDuo Smart Card Reader

ACR33U-A1 SmartDuo is a sleek and stylish device that features an innovative dual slot design to accommodate two smart cards simultaneously. This dual slot solution enables cost-effective, time-efficient and secure implementati...
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