December 28, 2012

RFID manufacturing solution

Today,the importance of manufacturing efficiency has been more important today. Due to globalization, increased competition and other economic pressures and manufacturers must continually look to drive employees costs down, increase asset utilization and material costs reductions, while at the same time address customers who are demanding faster delivery, better customer service and customized products. Today’s manufacturers are looking to RFID to address many of these challenges.
RFID manufacturing solutions help manufacturers to reduce operating costs by reducing labor costs, claims and returns, thereby increasing operating income. And working capital can be reduced by enabling reductions in inventory and lowering inventory write-offs from unsaleable and returns.

Features & benefits – RFID manufacturing solution
      • Easy tracking :- Increase speed and accuracy for tracking pallets, cartons and containers.
      • assembly line process improves :-Increase efficiency and speed with fewer errors throughout the entire assembly process.
      • Cost Reduction :Reduce stock levels and operating costs.
      • Improve inventory management:-Provide for more efficient picking operations due to real-time inventory, routing and movement information. Improve inventory visibility to feed just-in-time (JIT) systems.

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