December 28, 2012

RFID in Warehouse & Distribution

Wholesale distributors  manage multiple trading networks with inventory at partner warehouses, on the road, on the dock and inside the walls.  For wholesale distributors, process improvements across these networks mean more profits. RFID technology can enable these  process improvements and the associated savings. ChipSilicon RFID solutions for warehouse & distribution  can enhance the efficiency of companies in warehouse distribution, from shipping and receiving, to inventory control to loading, put away, and cross-docking.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS – RFID systems for warehouse & distribution

Realize following advantage in your wholesale distribution business


  • maintaining up-to-the- second inventory
  • reducing safety stock from more accurate demand models
  • improving data integrity and accuracy.


Benefits – RFID systems for warehouse & distribution
  • RFID systems track pallets, cartons, cases and individual items
  • RFID systems increase automation with anytime – anywhere visibility
  • RFID system reduce labour intensive operations
More – RFID systems for warehouse & distribution


  • Reduce labor costs
    Primary warehouse worker functions can be reduced with RFID from inventory and pick/pack/ship to put away.
  • Reduce unsaleable and out-of-stock items
    Leaner and lower levels of inventory mean faster inventory turns and less stagnant stock
  • Increase inventory accuracy
    Improve receiving efficiency and accuracy; increase picking and ordering accuracy.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Ensure the right goods reach the right customer at the right time.
  • Reduce inventory stock levels
    Improve stock and demand generation visibility.