December 28, 2012

RFID Asset management solution

Companies across a various sector rely on critical assets to drive their business. These asset types across industries may varies, there has been still a common need for effective management. RFID enables enterprise companies automatic tracking and securing the critical assets with very less human intervention. RFID Asset management solution is real-time technology takes asset management to the next level, providing unprecedented visibility, accuracy and security. With RFID, companies can automatically track of movement of their key assets as they move in and out of an area — whether it’s a stock room, airport hangar, data center, enterprise workplace or transport terminal.

Benefits – RFID Asset Management Solution

Companies have deployed implementations of RFID applications for asset management with tremendous success. This RFID solution is regardless of asset type company use in their business, RFID can automatically tracke which is error-proof.This is delivers a wealth of benefits to the enterprise.

      • Increased Employees productivity:- as Employees spend less time tracking down missing or misplaced equipment
      • Easy asset maintenance :- Assured adherence to critical and routine maintenance procedures such as calibration
      • More efficiency :- Secure, around-the-clock access to stock rooms for improved efficiency — without human intervention
      • Increased utilization:-Improvements in asset visibility and utilization reduce the need to purchase or lease spare parts and equipment
      • Capital and operational Cost reduction :-The reduction in the loss of assets reduces the need to purchase and manage additional assets
IT Asset Management Benefits
      • Increased IT asset process automation and utilization:- With RFID, IT assets are identified, located, and tracked automatically, increasing the Total Cost of Ownership and extending asset lifetimes
      • Improved service levels :- Efficient replacement, swap and maintenance of IT Assets increase operational uptime
      • Increased Security:- Increased accountability of media and data tape tracking safeguards sensitive data, and ensures backup and redundancy
      • Regulatory Compliance :- RFID can help businesses reconcile assets claimed on books with assets in possession for Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance
      • Reduced Energy Consumption :- RFID can Monitor and moderate the peak power usage within data centers for optimal service level agreement reporting

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