January 11, 2013

Proximity high-performance EM RFID Clamshell Cards

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Written by: chipsilicon_wp



CFR 07 is an Advance clamshell card with most sensitive antenna ,capable of giving much better ranges compared to the normal clamshell card. CFR 07 , 125Khz RFID Clamshell cards are water proof and provide best reading range with 125KHz RFID readers. These are widely used in long range RFID applications. They are low cost RFID cards available currently in the market. They have 26bit factory written ID that cannot be changed, though selected number sequences can be supplied for volume orders. These are Read only tags.

Typical Comparative Ranges
Advanced Clamshell card(CFR07) Normal Clamshell Card
GP 90 1.1 mts 80 cm
GP 60 70 cm 45 cm


      • Compatibility: EM4102
      • Coding: Factory preprogrammed
      • Options: Field programmable
      • Passive: No batteries reguired
      • Slot punch: Matches most vertical ID badge

Technical Specification

      • Typical maximum read range:GP90A up to 110 cm
      • Dimensions: ( 8.6 X 5.40 X 0.19 cm )
      • Operating temperature: -45°to 70°C
      • Storage temperature: -50°to 160°F (-45°to 70°C)
      • Part number Part NO.: CFR07
      • Description: 125kHz, ASK, Manchester coding
      • Rate timing: MOD64 (64 clocks per bit)
      • Chip type: EM4102 (or compatible)


      • Parking Management
      • Warehouse Management
      • Any long range RFID application


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