RFID manufacturing solution

Today,the importance of manufacturing efficiency has been more important today. Due to globalization, increased competition and other economic pressures and manufacturers must continually look to drive employees costs down, increase asset utilization and material costs reductions, while at the same time address customers who are demanding faster delivery, better customer service and customized products. Today’s […]


RFID Asset management solution

Companies across a various sector rely on critical assets to drive their business. These asset types across industries may varies, there has been still a common need for effective management. RFID enables enterprise companies automatic tracking and securing the critical assets with very less human intervention. RFID Asset management solution is real-time technology takes asset […]


RFID in Warehouse & Distribution

Wholesale distributors  manage multiple trading networks with inventory at partner warehouses, on the road, on the dock and inside the walls.  For wholesale distributors, process improvements across these networks mean more profits. RFID technology can enable these  process improvements and the associated savings. ChipSilicon RFID solutions for warehouse & distribution  can enhance the efficiency of […]


Smart Card Applications

Smart card applications have a guaranteed new set of technologies. Smart cards provide security and have computing power at anytime and anywhere. Smart card applications manipulate data, especially an individual’s identity. Smart card applications are used in various fields. The most common fields where smart card applications include: Transport: In metropolitan cities smart cards are […]




ACR100I SIMFlash II (CCID) is not your average smart card reader. Its memory storage comes with NAND Flash memory for high capacity data storage needs. This can be partitioned into a maximum of three sections as desired by the ...
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ACOS6 Multi-Application & Purse Smart Card Software Development Kit

ACOS6 is a high speed and flexible smart card offering cost effective solutions. It is specifically designed to address the requirements of multiple applications and multiple e-purses with secure hierarchy for multiple levels....
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Proximity RFID Card/Tag Reader

                PROXIMITY 125KHz readers are high performance proximity readers featuring long range and small dimensions. The readers run from any voltage from 5 to 12.5 VDC and feature ...
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ACOS6- SAM Secure Access Module Card

ACOS6-SAM – Ideal Solution for Security Enhancement The ACOS6 Secure Access Module (SAM) is designed as a general cryptogram computation module or as a security authentication module for ACOS contact client cards— ACOS3...
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ACSO3 Microprocessor Contact Smart Cards

ACOS3 – Ideal Solution for Payment/Loyalty. Chipsilicon provides smart card operating systems (ACOS) as its intellectual property. Developed by our dedicated team of specialists, the ACOS3 Microprocessor Card unlocks the...
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See a Real-Life Mario Kart Race Complete With RFID Bananas, Power-Ups – Wired (blog)

DVICE See a Real-Life Mario Kart Race Complete With RFID Bananas, Power-UpsWired (blog)What Mario Kart fan hasn't secretly dreamed of playing a real-life version of the Mario Bros-themed racing game? But while most people w...
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AET62 NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor

The AET62 NFC Reader with Fingerprint Sensor brings a whole new level of security and flexibility to contactless applications. Combining the core of ACS’s ACR122U Near Field Communication (NFC) Reader and UPEK’s swi...
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RFID News Roundup

U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer expands RFID program with Avery Dennison; Intermec enhances 70 Series mobile computers with integrated RFID; ZeitControl Cardsystems intros USB RFID reader; L-com Announces new UP Series 5.1 t...
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ACR39U Smart Card Reader

ACR39U Smart Card Reader ushers in new and modern technology to the world of smart card readers. This compact smart card reader brings together sophisticated technology and modern design to meet rigorous requirements of smart c...
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