January 9, 2013

Long-Range RFID Reader

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Written by: chipsilicon_wp









GP90A is an extended range proximity reader featuring read range of up to 90 cm with Standard clampshell cards and extended range of upto 1.3meters with Special Tags available from chipsilicon . The unit comes with specially designed external power supply and other form factors make it particularly suited to access control, car parking and through-wall reading applications.

    • High-precision auto tuning circuitry compensates for nearby metallic objects
    • Bright LED indicators, tuning LED bar
    • Firmware upgradeable in the field
    • Attractive and waterproof housing design
    • Interface RS232
    • Reading Range Up to 90 cm with ISO card in ideal conditions or up to 130 cm with special Tag
    • RFID cards accepted 125KHz, 64 bits, Manchester encoding
    • Maximum power switched by internal relay Up to 24V / 2A
    • Operating temperature range -10 ~ +60° C
    • Audio / Visual indication Bright blue LED and Buzzer
    • Dimensions 420 (W) x 320 (L) x 45(D) mm
    • Access Control System
    • Car Parking System
    • Through-wall Reading Application
    • Personal Identification
    • Hands Free Application