BioEnable Technologies launches newest biometric kiosks – In Biometricupdate

BioEnable has announced the launch of its newest-generation Biometric Kiosks with a new range of features for identification and verification. According to the company, this new devices includes increase memory and a large comp...
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Criminal identification system

BioEnable offer wide range of Biometrics, RFID & Wireless solutions for Criminal Identification. Availability of relevant and timely information is of utmost importance in conduct of business by Police, particularly in inve...
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Ten print Slap scanner based Time Attendance & Access control system

BioEnable offer a unique Time Attendance cum Access control system based on Slap Fingerprint Scanner. Slap Fingerprint Scanners are normally used for large scale government and criminal identification systems as they have high ...
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Wireless Controller for Building Management & Industrial applications

Wireless Integrated offer Building management controller based on next generation wireless technologies. Support low power WiFi & Bluetooth low energy for interfacing with wide range of sensors Support conventional Ethernet...
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ActiKids – The newest innovation in child location & activity tracking

  Configure & Attach ActiKids to the wrist, ankle or clothing of your child. ActiKids can send alerts via email/App (free) and/or SMS (require web service subscription) thru Cloud API. Mobile App are optional and usefu...
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Smart Hospitals

Smart Hospital concept incorporate RFID technologies for wide range of applications inside the Hospital.       You may also like: china made electronic hospital bed showroom available in calicut rfid tags cost fo...
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Wandering Management

Wireless Integrated’s Wandering Management Solution aims at providing effective solutions to senior citizen elopement. Senior citizen elopement is defined as senior citizens’ ability to leave their assisted living o...
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Temperature Monitoring

Tags will utilize the existing WiFi & Bluetooth infrastructure to track and transmit temperature data in real time for storing, processing and out of range notifications/alerts as provisioned by the hospital to the Wireless...
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PIV Fingerprint Scanner

    enBioScan- C1 is PIV compliant fingerprint scanner available form BioEnable. It has unique design and features   PIV compliant fingerprint scanner    
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