RFID manufacturing Solutions

RFID manufacturing solution

Today,the importance of manufacturing efficiency has been more important today. Due to globalization, increased competition and other economic pressures and manufacturers must continually look to drive employees costs down, increase asset utilization and material costs reductions, while at the same time address customers who are demanding faster delivery, better customer service and customized products. Today’s […]

RFID Asset management Solutions

RFID Asset management solution

Companies across a various sector rely on critical assets to drive their business. These asset types across industries may varies, there has been still a common need for effective management. RFID enables enterprise companies automatic tracking and securing the critical assets with very less human intervention. RFID Asset management solution is real-time technology takes asset […]

RFID warehouse Solutions

RFID in Warehouse & Distribution

Wholesale distributors  manage multiple trading networks with inventory at partner warehouses, on the road, on the dock and inside the walls.  For wholesale distributors, process improvements across these networks mean more profits. RFID technology can enable these  process improvements and the associated savings. ChipSilicon RFID solutions for warehouse & distribution  can enhance the efficiency of […]

smart card inda Products

Smart Card Applications

Smart card applications have a guaranteed new set of technologies. Smart cards provide security and have computing power at anytime and anywhere. Smart card applications manipulate data, especially an individual’s identity. Smart card applications are used in various fields. The most common fields where smart card applications include: Transport: In metropolitan cities smart cards are […]



Nurugo Derma

Now a days everyone is conscious about their looks.  For that every age of person spending a lot of time and money on their skin’s and hair’s health. We spend lot of time in front of mirror to observe the changes i...
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ACR1281S-C1 DualBoost II Serial Dual Interface Reader

 ACR1281S-C1 DualBoost II  is a dual interface reader that can access any contact and contactless smart readers following the ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 standards. ACR1281S-C1 DualBoost II enables one to integrate conventionally ...
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ACR1283L Standalone Contactless Reader

As contactless smart card technology becomes widely accepted in the market, integration of different components in a single device offers security and convenience sought after in many applications. The ACR1283L is a cost-effect...
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ACR123U Intelligent Contactless Reader

The ACR123  is the USB version of the ACR123S, a cost-effective, flexible and intelligent contactless reader. It can be integrated to existing (Point-of-Sale) terminals or cash registers, to offer the convenience of a cashless...
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ACR123S Intelligent Contactless Reader

Contactless technology revolutionizes the everyday purchasing experience of consumers throughout the world. This ramps up the demand for a powerful product that will provide support for contactless payment applications. The ACR...
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ACR123U Intelligent Contactless Reader SDK

  The ACR123U Intelligent Contactless Reader is compliant and certified with major payment and safety standards such as MasterCard®, Visa, EMV Level 1 and EMV Level 2. Comprehensive SDK—This SDK enables the ACR123U to b...
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ACR123S Intelligent Contactless Reader SDK

  The ACR123S Intelligent Contactless Reader is compliant and certified with major payment and safety standards such as MasterCard®, Visa, EMV Level 1 and EMV Level 2. Comprehensive SDK—The ACR123S Intelligent Contactle...
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SLE 4428

SLE 4428/5528 Contact Smart Cards

The days of a thick wallet bulging with coins, bills, and assorted plastic cards may be numbered. Instead, a single card a computer in your wallet could serve as electronic cash, driver’s license, credit card, and persona...
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ACR1281-C2 Dualboost USB Reader/ Writer

AC1281U-C2 a contactless card UID (Unique Identification Number) reader especially designed. get the UID of a. ISO 14443 Parts 1-4 Type and B compliant contactless card in an efficient way. When a contactless card (e.g., Mifare...
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ACR1252U NFC Forum–Certified Reader SDK

The ACR1252U NFC Forum–Certified Reader runs on 13.56 MHz contactless technology. It supports ISO 14443 Type A and B, MIFARE®, and FeliCa cards, ISO 18092–compliant NFC tags, and other NFC devices. ACR1252U is capable of t...
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ACR1281U-C1 DualBoost II Smart Card Reader Software Development Kit

ACR1281U-C1 DualBoost II is the second generation of ACS’s ACR128 DualBoost Reader. It is a dual interface reader that can access any contact and contactless smart cards following the ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 standards. ACR1...
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ACR122L VisualVantage NFC Reader with LCD Software Development Kit

ACR122L is a serial  interface NFC contactless reader with a LCD screen. Developed based on the 13.56 MHz RFID technology and the ISO/IEC 18092 NFC standard, it supports ISO 14443 Type A and B cards, Mifare, FeliCa and NFC te...
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ACR122S NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader Software Development Kit

The ACR122S SDK is a complete package containing all the vital components required for smart card application development. The ACR122S SDK provides developers with tools and utilities and sample codes making it convenient and...
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USB Dual Interface Reader acr1281u_c1_front

ACR1281U-C1 DualBoost USB Dual Interface Reader

ACR1281U-C1 DualBoost II is the second generation of ACS’s ACR128 DualBoost Reader. It is a dual interface reader that can access any contact and contactless smart cards following the ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 standards. ACR...
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USB NFC Reader with LCD acr1222l_front

ACR1222L USB NFC Reader with LCD

ACR1222L is an LCD-equipped PC-Linked NFC Contactless Reader with USB as its host interface. It is developed based on the 13.56 MHz RFID technology and the ISO/IEC 18092 standard. ACR1222L can support ISO14443 Type A and B card...
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ACR122U Introduction


The ACR122U is a PC-linked contactless smart card reader/writer developed on the 13.56 MHz contactless technology. It is the world’s first CCID-compliant contactless card reader/writer that follows both ISO 14443 and ISO ...
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PINeasy Smart Card Reader acr83u_front

ACR83 PINeasy Smart Card Reader

ACR83 PINeasy is a USB reader featuring a keypad and a display screen. Supporting Secure PIN Entry (SPE), it requires both PIN entry and authentication to be done within the device, thus eliminating the exposure of sensitive in...
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ACR-38U Smart Card Reader/Writer.

ACR38-IPC is the latest addition to the ACR 38 PC-Linked Smart Card Reader Series  Combining secure smart card reader technology functionalities with a sleek and modem design, ACR38 IPC is the perfect peripheral for your smart...
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MIFARE Classic 1KBytes Contactless Cards

Contactless transmission of data and energy(No battery needed) Operating distance :Upto 100mm(Depending on antenna geometry) Operating frequency:13.56MHz Fast data transfer:106kbit/s High data integrity:16 bit CRC, parity,bit c...
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proximity card

Proximity high-performance EM RFID Clamshell Cards

  CFR 07 is an Advance clamshell card with most sensitive antenna ,capable of giving much better ranges compared to the normal clamshell card. CFR 07 , 125Khz RFID Clamshell cards are water proof and provide best reading r...
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PCR120 Mini Portable RFID Reader

PCR120 is a Mini portable battery-powered RFID reader with LCD and built-in real time clock for data collection applications. PCR120 is designed for 125Khz Proximity card data collection anytime and anywhere without computer co...
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Law Enforcement Solution

Nowadays Identity Management Systems also help law firms to retrieve the complete information of the suspects or the criminals. The retrieved information of the suspects or criminals includes their previous criminal records, th...
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ACR38DT DualKey Smart Card Reader

Introduction ACR38DT DualKey offers both logical and physical access control solutions based on SIM-sized combi smart card technology (contactless and contact card). The ACR38DT contactless/contact dual-interface token is an ex...
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Wireless Intrusion Detection System

Wireless Integrated offer comprehensive range of next generation Wireless intrusion detection & automation  products based on advanced WiFi & Bluetooth technologies that can communicate with Computers, Servers, Web, Mo...
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BioEnable participates in UIDAI Aadhaar workshop and display its STQC certified products and related solutions

                                      BioEnable participates in UIDAI Aadhaar workshop and display its STQC certified products and r...
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Security smart card on laptop keyboard.

Smart card security

Smart card security system is mostly used to authenticate and authorize a user that holds a valid smart card. Smart card security system protects sensitive data from being hacked or stolen. Smart card security system offers str...
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smart card keyboard

Smart card keyboard

Smart card keyboard is a device that is equipped with a smart card reader incorporated into it. A smart card keyboard contains a Card Accepting Device (CAD) that accepts only a contact type smart card in order to read informati...
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smart card reader usb

Smart Card Reader USB

Smart card reader USB device has three main features that include USB connection, a reader, and a smart card itself. The data in a smart card reader USB is stored in electronic form. Smart card reader USB can transfer the data ...
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Smart Card Java Card

Smart Card Java Card, Card Reader Java

Smart card java card is used to run java-based applications securely. Smart card java card is primarily designed for embedded devices. It facilitates the users to program and make the devices application specific. Smart card ja...
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